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Thank you for your interest in our university.

If you re-visit this web-site in November 2006, you will find the updated information on the non-JUPAS Admissions Scheme for the 2007 exercise.

Non-JUPAS Admissions Scheme

The University of Hong Kong welcomes applications for admission through what is called the "non-JUPAS" Admissions Scheme to our many undergraduate programmes from international and local candidates who are not current students in the mainstream schools in Hong Kong and who are not applying for admission on the strength of Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination results. In fact, this University takes in many of its students from the many thousands of applicants who apply through this route each year. There are no fixed quotas for non-JUPAS applicants, the number of students that are admitted being a function of the number and quality of students applying each year from both the JUPAS and non-JUPAS schemes.

Associate Degree or Higher Diploma (i.e. sub-degree) graduates (or those who expect to obtain such a qualification by August 2006) should apply under the non-JUPAS scheme (but see also the Note at the bottom of this page). We also welcome applications from current full-time undergraduate students in other government-funded universities in Hong Kong, who should also apply under this non-JUPAS Scheme.

The application deadline for the 2006 main round has passed, but our programmes are prepared to receive late applications according to the following extended closing dates:

  1. MBBS programme: February 28, 2006;
  2. programmes under the Faculty of Science: March 31, 2006;
  3. BA programme and programmes under the Faculty of Social Sciences: April 28, 2006; and
  4. all other programmes: May 30, 2006.

You will receive a decision on your application in or after April 2006. Once selected and if you accept the offer of admission, you are required to pay a deposit of HK$10,000.

Information Required

All applicants are required to provide us with full information on your education and qualifications, including the following:

  • final/latest mid-term examination results
  • predicted final grades from your school (if any)
  • past academic records
  • public examination results
  • a summary of your non-academic achievements

You are welcome to submit additional information which you feel will help the selection committee in considering your application.

[Note for Associate Degree or Higher Diploma (i.e. sub-degree) graduates (or those who expect to obtain such a qualification by August 2006).

Some undergraduate programmes have set aside a fixed number of 2nd year student places for direct admission of sub-degree graduates. Applicants for those places should NOT use the Non-JUPAS Scheme, but should apply instead through the Direct Admissions Scheme.